Jesse Ukkonen Jesse Ukkonen | A Designer With an Inclusive Mindset

Hello, I’m Jesse. I am a designer based in Helsinki

A photograph of me, Jesse Ukkonen. Photo by Niko Hälvä

My core competencies as a designer are sparkling communication skills, an inclusive mindset and understanding in humane technology. I like peanut butter and cleaning. My pronouns are he/him. If you have something to share feel free to reach out to me.

Here's what I am into and the stuff I have done

🤓 Professional passions

🧘🏼‍♂️ Freetime things

  • Roller derby
  • Yoga
  • Synthesizers & DJ'ing
  • Lifestyle cyclist (fixed gear rider)
  • Cleaning content creation #kiillotuspäivät

🗣 Keynotes etc.